When and Where?

The Alpha Course

(An 11 week course with a day away in the middle.  Each session includes supper, a video and group discussion.)

Contact alpha@brzezicki.co.uk for more info or to sign up.  We’d love you to join us at 11 Trimnells, 7-9pm.

18th September Is there more to life than this?
25th September Who is Jesus?
2nd October Why did Jesus die?
9th October How can I have faith?
16th October Why and how should I pray?
23rd October Why and how should I read the Bible?
30th October How does God guide us?
4/5th November (away) Holy Spirit Day Away
13th November How can I resist evil?
20th November Why and how should I tell others?
27th November Does God heal today?
4th December What about the Church?